My Salazar Experience

 After working for over a year on dishes for Salazar's restaurant in Cincinnati, I finally got the chance to sit down and enjoy the experience for myself!  And what an experience it was!  The food was absolutely amazing, the service was outstanding, and what can I say... the presentation of the food on my handiwork... I still can hardly believe it. It truly provided a unique experience in an already well designed and inviting atmosphere.
 We began with a couple of starters.  The first was a small but savory oyster sandwich served on a cut piece of wood.  The next starter was the special for the night.  And let me just say, I could have stopped right there.  Seriously the best chicken I have ever ate (sorry Mom) hands down.
 And for the main dish... I went for the veggie option that was served in one of my latest creations for Salazar - a wide shallow bowl perfect for holding all of the sauce in the center. Wild mushrooms made this delicious dish stand out!
We can't forget about dessert! Words can only try to describe the delicate but powerful and beautifully balanced taste of this cheesecake. Yum.


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