Eggs and Altered Bowls

I heard a brief bit of a story on the radio today about a mom who thought she needed a project to get through this. Her family got 20 or something chickens and built a coop for them and the whole deal. I’ve always kind of wanted chickens. We truly go through so many eggs and it can’t be that hard to raise them, right? I really don’t know and I haven’t read anything about it so I shouldn’t be making assumptions here. My in-laws have chickens and that’s the closest I’ve really been able to see an operation/“project” in this mom’s words. Right now would be the time to do it. Now would also be the time to get a pet from a rescue or shelter. Right now can be an opportunity to change direction maybe. Forced or not, this is a time to slow down and rethink our lives. To give something neglected a little more attention. What is most important to us? What needs healing?

I’ve handed off several boxes of work to a dear friend and photographer, Sarah Hone of Honemade Photography.  I let her have full creative freedom and I’m so glad I did.  The photos have really put my work in a new light.  It is so nice to see how someone else views my work, especially since I stare at it every day.  The photos take on their own artistic meaning.  They are art in themselves.  I really love going through the images that Sarah has taken of my work. When I choose which one to post on Facebook and Instagram I’m basing it on what is ignited within me and it typically has to do with what’s going on that day or what my mood is. Something has to spark just a little. The commentary just flows from there in my mind. Most of it gets typed out too but sometimes it’s hard to put into words what I’m really thinking.

Is it too abstract? Will someone judge me? Do I care? How much do I really want to share with the world? What do I have to lose? Is my grammar correct? All of these thoughts cross my mind each time I make a post.  English class was always a struggle for me at all stages in school. All of school was a struggle for me to be honest, except for all the specials. I’m just special I guess J  I’m so anal, type A, and an over-achiever that I still managed to somehow get a 4.0. Both sides of the brain working overtime...but that’s a story for another day.
When looking at the first image of eggs and the bowls, I immediately was reminded of our pandemic situation.  We are isolated.  The virus has been released and is spreading.  It’s scary, but there are so many hints of beautiful spread throughout our condition. So many people are sharing their talents online to a much greater audience.  That is an amazing glimmer of hope and I hope it continues long after virus. 

This whole week it’s been taking all day to get any kind of thought together. Drinking grandpa’s “medicine” helps me loosen up a bit and I’m thankful for that. It’s way too damn stressful out there for anybody....I’m also grateful for the little things that make me laugh throughout the day. Laughter is a key to the soul don’t you think? A common bond of humans and much needed right now.  Just like so many others, I struggle with depression and anxiety.  A few good friends have suggested a gratitude journal.  This is mine for today.  It helps to find time each day to think about what I’m thankful for, no matter how large or small.  Like today, I’m thankful for being able to laugh.  Focusing my attention on the good really eases away the bad.

As for the bowls, these are all test pieces. I’ve been stretching my altering skills a bit and was happy enough with these to get them photographed. I’ve played around with cutting away the sides before, but now I’m experimenting with cutting and carving out the bottom and foot.  The side is cut with a wiggle wire and the bottom is cut with a fettling knife.  My glaze can be described as very earthy, especially because I fire in a gas kiln, but I want to push it a little more.  The bottom is unglazed and can look very rock-like.  I’m letting the clay and the knife guide me with each cut.  I’m looking for balance throughout even as it is asymmetrical and very organic.  A couple of before pictures below. Left is the yellow bowl and right is the orange.

Thanks for reading.  Maybe I'll be sharing more on here since I have no one to talk to in person!
Take care out there.


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