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The Goodness of Spring, Strawberry Progress, and a Prayer

I love stepping outside right after the rain.  Everything looks so lush and vivid and saturated with color.  The smell is fresh and earthy. Jewels of left over rain drops gather in tiny pools on top of leaves.  There is a sense of cleansing.  The dirt, sprinkles of mulch, and chalk drawings are washed away - a blank canvas is set for small hands. Time stands still for a moment as I take everything in. I know the seedlings and young plants are so happy to have a good long drink.   I walked around the yard to see how everything is progressing this spring. A couple of years ago I planted 5 strawberry plants I got from a local shop. I planted them within the landscape on the side of my house in early spring.  They grew really well and by the time fall rolled around I was able to cut off several shoots.  The new strawberry plants went to the other side of my house last spring.  Both patches have since taken off and the berries are coming in strong! It's been such a pleasant surprise eve

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