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Strawberries, starting seeds, and other Spring updates

Spring is here! Some of the tulips we planted in January are starting to pop up! I was starting to think they were going to be a no show, so it was a very exciting find. We also planted some strawberries and found one of the biggest earthworms I’ve ever seen. Last fall I cut the runners off of my strawberries and planted those into buckets of dirt.  I wasn’t too sure where they would go in the spring so we put the buckets next to the house with a bunch of leaves over them to protect them.  We made sure that they stayed wet through the winter and had to water them a few times. They seemed to survive well so I went ahead and moved them to their new spot today.  They are going around a couple of Plout trees and a Shipova pear tree.  I'm hoping they'll fill out this year to create a nice border around this bed.  The bed is also right along a main path to the veggie garden, so it will be a perfect spot to grab a snack. To plant these I dug up the grass, used a pitch fork to aerate t

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