Today is January 13th, 2021.  The day Trump was impeached for the second time. 

It was also a beautiful sunny day with a high of 46. We spent every minute we could outside. I learned of today's events as soon as we came inside to start dinner.  I knew the house was voting today.  I have been on my phone tracking all of the latest info since the attack last Tuesday.  It's quite depressing to see our beautiful country this way.  It's been depressing for the past four years.  The only thing that gets me out of the constant news is my own backyard. Growing plants, making pots, and being fully present with my boys are my sources of positive energy and information. They are the beautiful creations that I can share with the world and make some kind of impact even if it's on a small scale. These are the things that I wake up for and continue to live for no matter what else is going on. I take advantage of the days I can be outside and be disconnected. 


My only plan for going outside was to soak up some sun and let the boys play.  But of course, I have to find some kind of work for myself if the boys are content playing with each other and Stewball, our coonhound. I moved around some dirt and wood chips while the boys were moving logs and rocks to build a garage over their trucks. Wes asked for a sludge hammer to try to break up some wood. 

I went inside to get a couple rubber mallets for them instead and saw a bucket full of bulbs I bought early last fall. I bought them before we had planted all the trees so I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking or where I thought they would all possibly go. I knew I just wanted some tulips in the spring. I grabbed my new garden knife my brother just got me for Christmas and went to work. Mind you, I really don’t know what I’m doing. A lot of the time I learn by trial and error. I planted my first bulbs ever this past fall.  They happened to be saffron crocus and blossomed soon after they were planted. It was a very happy surprise. 


BUT the ground today was so soft and easy to work with. I planted the bulbs around the fruit trees we planted a couple months ago. When we planted the trees, I dug the ground up a few feet out from the tree, put cardboard down and then a heavy layer of chipped wood as mulch. The cardboard was already breaking down and the knife slid right into the ground. The soil felt warm where it was mulched. 


We’ll see if anything pops up in the spring. I was a little surprised when I saw the first bits of daffodils coming up today. Two years ago I transplanted a couple buckets worth of yellow daffodils from my parents house. Perennials are the best kind of gift if you ask me - they keep coming back year after year.  Maybe even better is the fact that I’ll always remember where and who I got those plants from... big, beautiful hostas from Savannah’s mom’s house when she moved, Shasta daisies and more from Linnea’s mom Christina, pink coneflower, yellow irises, and peonies from my grandparents on my mom’s side, orange poppies from my great grandma that grew in my grandparents yard, sedum and purple phlox from my grandparents on my dad’s side that grew in my great grandparents yards, dark violet irises from Jake’s parent's house that were from his great grandparents. My family and friends are all living with me in this way.  Maybe I'll gather pictures of all of the plants while in peak season and create a family tree of sorts.  I hope to pass on the love with the plants that I grow here too. 

Most January days in Kentucky I'm only able to day dream about gardening. Even if nothing comes from today's work, it was worth it. It's worth it to be happy and content with life for a moment while playing in the dirt.


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